Client Stories

Here is what our clients are saying
Growing up, I was the only person in my town with severe hemophilia, or any bleeding disorder as far as I knew. BDAND helped teach me the skills necessary to manage my hemophilia. Like when to treat my aches and pains, how to self-infuse, and how to manage it all when I live on my own. I like to think that with the support of organizations like BDAND, people with bleeding disorders are not just dealing with their bleeding disorders, but thriving because of it.
- Carson
Our journey with Hemophilia began in a rather traumatic fashion when our 5 month old son needed surgery for a brain bleed. It was all very overwhelming at first, but through the support of our wonderful doctors and organizations like BDAND, I was able to meet other people living with bleeding disorders. I realized that they were all normal, well adjusted people, and that gave me hope!
- Miranda
Sometimes hemophilia can hinder some of our dreams but BDAND has given me the hope and strength to continue on this journey with my family and live a life like no other. Our family has learned to not be afraid of what our child can’t do but embrace what he can do. Treat him as you would anyone else. Live life to its fullest potential and learn all that you can.
- Nicole
Our son was diagnosed shortly after birth with severe hemophilia. I was afraid and overwhelmed and I had so many questions. Our doctors and nurses were very helpful and explained everything well, but it was through relationships with other patients and caregivers through organizations like BDAND that I found real comfort. I now enjoy talking to other families who are looking for that same comfort and letting them know that everything is going to be ok.
- Whitney